Tervis SPA

Tervis Spa, a best-known treatment and recovery centre in Pärnu, lies at the most picturesque place of Pärnu - at the closest vicinity of the river mouth. It is the place the well-known mole, sandy beach of several kilometres and parks of overwhelming foliage find their start. The town centre is within walking reach. The structural complex of the Spa consists of 7 different buildings, with the accommodation building as the newest completed in 2002. People treated and recovering there have access to the water-mud treatment centre, the outpatient clinic, a dentist's, a buffet-restaurant, a sports gymnasium and a swimming-pool with sauna, culture centre, bars, a cafe, shops and a beauty parolur. The biggest recovery and treatment centre in Pärnu can put up 516 people at once.



The guests of the Tervis Spa can stay in 281 cosy, sunny and well-equipped rooms, most of which are allergy free. Five rooms with larger bathrooms are designed for the disabled. Hotels have 38 single, 218 double rooms and 25 suites. We also offer family accommodation. 12 suites are equipped with sauna. The balconies offer splendid sea, river and park views. All rooms are equipped with a satellite TV, telephone for international calls and a refrigerator.

Treatment, additional services
We are glad to place our professional services at your disposal. Various tests can be run at the clinical and biochemical laboratories, also available are X-ray, ultrasonography and functional diagnostics. We offer treatment for diseases of the bones and joints, cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the peripheral nervous system. The treatments consist of manual massage, vibro-stretching treatment, paraffin-ozocerite treatment, therapeutic exercise both in the sports hall and in the swimming pool, various types of electrotherapy, laser treatment and acupuncture. The water and mud treatment facility uses curative mud from the local Ermistu Lake for both general treatment and for locally applied wrappings. Therapeutic baths with more than ten different bath salts, douche massage in bath, whirlpools and Jacuzzies offer relaxation. Orders are also taken for making or repairing dentures. Our guests can also consult a ear, nose and throat specialist. Both dental therapy and dental surgery are available in the dental department. Our salt chamber provides relief in case of respiratory diseases, allergies and dermatological problems.

Our buffet-restaurant provides diverse, very delicious and healthy food three times a day in a spacious and cosy dining hall. At request you can buy soft drinks from the bar next to. If necessary, diet food is served. During the breaks between therapy treatments you can spent your time at the Muuli Bar and Purje Cafe, with one of the best views of the sea and the mole. The Pilliroo Bar is in the culture centre providing an enjoyable interior design, is open till late at night.

The Beauty Parlour on the fifth floor has an interesting panoramic view, but more importantly it serves as a place for our guests to improve their mood and general well-being, by using the services of the hairdresser, barber, manicurist, pedicurist and cosmetician.

Our Culture and Conference Centre is open seven days a week. It has a concert hall accommodating an audience of 286, dance hall, library and a bar. Our guests can enjoy concerts and plays in the evenings or dance to the music played by different groups. The events of the Culture Centre are also popular among the townsfolk. There are excellent possibilities for organising conferences and seminars. We have two conference halls seating 286 and 40 people and two seminar halls for 20 and 15 participants. All rooms are equipped with modern conference equipment and have access to the Internet.

At our guests disposal is also: morning sauna and morning swim, finnish sauna, infrared sauna, swimming pool, energy capsule, natural solarium for free (for clients of sport complex), fitness gym.

Tervise Paradiis

The Tervise Paradiis complex on Pärnu beach was opened in March 2004 and consists of an 8-storey spa hotel and a 2-storey Water Park.


The seaside hotel with beds for 244 persons has standard double and twin rooms, suites with sauna, family rooms, rooms for the disabled and rooms for persons with allergies. The rooms have all conveniences, a balcony and an internet connection. All rooms have Internet connection WiFi can be used in the 8.floor conference room and in the Romantic Bar. A public Internet access point is in the 2.floor lobby. Accommodation of children under the age of 12 in the same room with parents is free, unless an extra bed is used. An extra bed or a baby cot can be ordered from the reception. Pets are allowed in the hotel for an extra charge. Price 100 EEK. Smoke-free rooms are on the 4., 5.and 8.floors of the hotel. The rooms where smoking is allowed are in the hotel lobby and on the 8.floor opposite the conference hall. Hotel guests can use the parking lot free of charge. The parking lot is not guarded.

Treatment, additional services
Buffet and a la carte restaurant with 190 places, fast food restaurant with 40 places. 8th floor bar offers a romantic view of the sea, the bar of the water park gives the chance to enjoy drinks while dipping your toes in the water. We offer up-to-date facilities for workshop sessions with up to 48 participants: a conference hall and bar on the 8th floor, with a panoramic sea view; a VIP complex on the 2nd floor - a conference room for 15 guests, with a bar, saunas and pool. Spa therapy suites on the two lower floors of the spa hotel offer massage, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy, ozocerite and paraffin therapy, a salt chamber, a relaxing energy capsule, infrared sauna, Hydro-Jet water massage bed and the 25m swimming pool. In addition to the water park, you can visit the bowling alley, table tennis hall, aerobics gym, workout gym, beauty parlour, or solarium, shop and a currency exchange. In the evenings we offer an entertainment programme in the restaurants and bars. We have 21 slot machines in our casino. If you visit us with friends, the fully automatic roulette for 8 players offers you a wonderful opportunity to have a good time; the casino bar has 4 bar slot machines.

The attractions of the amoeba-shaped water park of 11,500 m offer activities for visitors of all ages. The wardrobe of the water park is for 700 visitors. Circular stairs take you to the starting platform at the height of 11 metres with 4 different flumes: the longest flumes are 85 metres long, the black flume is supplied with visual effects to create emotions, the shortest flume in intended above all for children . The following attractions will await you in the water park:

* rapids and waterfalls,
* climbing wall in the pool,
* adventure pool,
* pool for small children,
* springboards, jacuzzis, saunas and steambaths,

outdoor swimming pool with preheated water and a terrace for early spring sun-seekers

Pirita Top SPA

Pirita TOP SPA is a modern Spa type hotel, located right on the seashore and is only a 10-minute drive from the old town of Tallinn.

SPA - The world of Health and Beauty
Sport Center - Swimming pool, Finnish saunas and Vapour baths, Infrared sauna, Salt chamber and Gym.
Restaurant a la carte , Lobby Bar, Sport Center Cafe 
Conference Center - 5 Seminar Rooms with a sea view up to 40 people and Conference Hall up to 200 people.

The Pirita TOP SPA Hotel has 201 rooms. Hotel is a five-storey building with a lift.


Marine-class has 129 rooms with a sea view, including Family rooms, Double de Luxe rooms and Suites. Standard-class has 72 rooms, including family rooms and two-room Family Rooms rooms.

The hotel has a good bus connection with the center of Tallinn. Next to the hotel there is a spacious parking lot.The hotel was renovated in 1999 and in 2002-2003.

The hotel is one part of the Olympic Yachting center, built in 1980 for the yachting regatta of the Olympic Games, held in Tallinn.

All hotel customers are free to use the 25-m Swimming Pool and relax at the Finnish or Vapour Bath in Sport Center.

All rooms are nicely decorated and spacious, have bathrooms, direct-dial telephones with separated lines and SAT-TVs. In case you need and extra bed, just ask for it and we will arrange it to your room. Suites can contain even more accessories - pants-presses, morning gowns, hair-dryers and minibars.

Toila Sanatorium

Toila-Oru is one of the most outstanding vacation spots in Estonia, due to the exceptional beauty of surrounding nature and its quite dry and refreshing air thanks to the high altitude from the sea level. From up here you can enjoy the spectacular sight of ever-changing shadows on the sea, especially enchanting at sunrise and sunset and during stormy weather. Toila has been long known for the curative effects of its excellent air due to its location near the sea and pine forests. Records indicate that the first health resort in Toila was founded before World War I by a merchant Jelissejev from St. Petersburg.


In Toila Sanatorium there is an A la Carte restaurant Mio Mare in a cozy place for dining and leisure, which seats up to 120 people. Business lunches, spending time with family, evening activities Mio Mare offers its services all day long trough the week. There is a banquet hall, which can be separated from the rest of the area and a terrace for enjoying the sunset.

Sanatorium , like many other Estonian sanatoriums, specializes in treating chronic problems with muscles, joints and spine (neuritis, radiculitis) and cardiovascular diseases. We can also provide relief to patients suffering from chronic prostatitis. What sets us apart from other sanatoriums is our salt chamber, used for treatment of all chronic diseases of respiratory organs (bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, recurring bronchitis). 

Värska Resort

The Värska Resort has worked out different treatment and holiday packages according to the needs of clients, so that you could choose the one that suits you best while spending a healing holiday at the Värska Resort.

There are many things in Värska which make it a unique place. Usually the visitors of the Värska Resort are stunned by the most beautiful nature of Setumaa, which evokes admiration even while looking out of the windows of the little cosy rooms. The matchless aromatic air of the pine forests and enjoyable walks through the forests or at the lake will ensure you a good appetite and restful sleep.


Regarding its variety of treatments the Värska Resort is unique in Estonia. We offer you pampering with natural means - with therapeutical mud from the fresh water of the lake Lämmijärv and with the famous Värska mineral water which is scooped deep from the subsoil plots. In addition to the mineral water and the therapeutical mud the guest of the resort may also receive electrotherapy, different kinds of massages, acupuncture and laser treatment, paraffin treatment, salt treatment, physiotherapy, therapeutical gymnastics and much more healing treatments.

In hotel complex: 26 single bedrooms, 3 suits with sauna and 3 suits with whirlpool. 

Narva-Jõesuu Health and SPA Hotel

Narva-Jõesuu has been one of the most beautiful summer resorts in Estonia for years. Thanks to its location it has managed to preserve both the beach and the bordering woodlands. The 7 km sandy beach between Meriküla and Narva-Jõesuu is unique with its white sand and high dunes, which are surrounded by pine trees.


The changes introduced in recent times (renovation of the main building, opening of the new therapy block with modern equipment, new restaurant) have helped the Narva-Jõesuu Sanatorium to regain the position it held for many years - an elite holiday centre as a pearl by the Gulf of Finland.

Diseases treated in the sanatorium

* Diseases of the peripheral nervous system
* Bone and joint diseases
* Functional diseases of the central nervous system
* Cardiovascular diseases
* Gastroenterological diseases
* Gynecological diseases

Therapy procedures

* Mud therapy
* Water therapy with mineral and gas additives and medication
* Therapeutic showers
* Paraffin and ozocerite procedures
* Hand massage
* Physiotherapy
* Inhalation therapy and laser therapy
* Individual therapeutic exercise
* Salt therapy

Additional services

* Lymphatic drainage
* Beautician
* Laboratory tests
* Infared sauna

SPA Estonia

The White house, Park house and Green house of Spa Estonia accommodate altogether 400 visitors. All accommodations are located in the close vicinity of the beach.

In summer outside the medical procedure hours people can take pleasure in the beach and attend summer events, in winter Pärnu charms with its cleanliness, peace and tranquility. In Spa Estonia with more than 50 years old experience there work medical workers who have necessary expertise. Your welfare and health will be of utmost importance and taken care of round the clock. Medical procedures are carried out six times a week and the period of treatment will be at your choice.


Treatment and catering takes place in the same house where you live.
Different procedures of remedial gymnastics in the swimming pool and the hall and also the unique cold therapy have become extremely popular. We offer more than 30 different procedures.

At your disposal there are saunas, bars, fitness gym, hairdresser, cosmetician, chemist and currency exchange. We also offer just hotel service

In buildings of Spa Estonia there are modern, tasteful, non-allergic hotel rooms. All the rooms are equipped with a phone, a TV and a modern shower / WC. 

Most of the rooms are with balconies overlooking the town, sea and parks. 

Georg Ots SPA Hotel

Georg Ots Spa Hotel is located on seaside of the town of Kuressaare on the Estonian Island of Saaremaa. It is 220 km from Tallinn - a distance that is long enough to get away from city rush and melt into a completely different world but on the other hand, with a number of different ways for travelling there to choose from, it only takes some hours to get there.

Conveniently nearby the yacht harbour, the city park and the picturesque 13th century Bishop's castle, the spa is an ideal base for exploring the picturesque island.

Georg Ots SPA Hotel combines exquisite, personalized services with a pleasant intimate atmosphere. Comfortable accommodation and the wellness spa are united to offer our clients a new kind of spa experience, one that is truly holistic, tailor-made and designed to relax and energise. We provide the support that is required to create a better quality of life. 

Georg Ots SPA Hotel is the perfect place for long weekends, late summer getaways or to celebrate special occasions. Variety of venues conveniently accommodates board meetings and conferences. A relaxed all day dining is offered with traditional or special spa cuisine.


To offer you something very special we have chosen Thalgo products for our facials and body treatments - a magnificent brand that you can not find anywhere else in Estonia.

All Thalgo treatments incorporate the purest natural active ingredients from marine or plant origin. We offer you a wide selection of them - renowned for their dramatic effects in detoxifying, general firming and toning as well as silhouette refining and slimming, with easy-to-follow home care routines. The exceptional body treatments refresh, tone, and ease tensions, while the facials offer spectacular results in purifying, hydrating, and firming. 

It is free for a hotel customer to use the saunas and pools (except the Private Sauna) on the ground floor of the hotel. Also, it is free entrance for a hotel customer to the active spa on the first floor where one can work out under the supervision of a personal couch at fixed times and, of course, individually as well.

Awards- The world's most prestigious travel magazine Cond Nast Traveler named Georg Ots SPA Hotel to its 2005 Hot List. 116 hotels worldwide with unique confluence of design, service and style are on the Hot List in the year 2005. No other spa hotel in Estonia has gained such recognition before.
Georg Ots SPA Hotel is also the winner of the Best Interior Award of the Estonian Interior Decorators Union in the year 2005.

SPA Hotel Laine

The Laine Hotel designed for 150 people is a simple and cosy hotel where customers feel that they are wanted and special.

There are comfortable beds, a desk, a TV set, a telephone and a bathroom with a shower in each room. The price of hotel accommodations includes a morning swim 6.00 - 8.00 and a buffet breakfast.

In addition to accommodations, it is possible to purchase our treatment procedures and use other supplementary services.


The Laine Hotel and Spa provides you with an opportunity to organise seminars and conferences. Unlike most conference centres, we give you an opportunity to combine your working time with a healthy holiday. The diverse health services and free time activities make your event more pleasant, efficient and beneficial.

Laine SPA offer a 7-day package, which involves various procedures that cure muscle and joint diseases and peripheral nervous system diseases. Treatment in our spa is also effective in case of chronic skin diseases, digestive tract diseases, asthma and chronic bronchitis.
Beauty and Health With the Miraculous Help of Sea Minerals and Herbs is an absolutely new treatment package that contains relaxing and luxurious procedures for skin care and mental refreshment. We provide different opportunities, depending on your problem - cellulite, overweight, dry and loose skin, urinary inconsistency, muscle tensions and pain, mood swings, and tiredness. (An entirely novel approach to mud treatment!)

Saaremaa SPA Hotels

The Spa-Hotel Saaremaa Valss carries the tradition of mud therapy in Saaremaa. Its therapy wing was founded in 1978, the hotel was thoroughly renovated in 1997. Due to constantly increasing interest in choosing Saaremaa as holiday destination, cosy and friendly Guesthouse Merineitsi next to the resort was renovated in May 2001.

The Spa-Hotel Meri was opened in the end of the year 2000. The new building is located on the beautiful promenade close to Kuressaare town park and yacht harbour. In the Spa-Hotel Meri there are several new and effective therapy procedures available for the visitors, and different possibilities for leisure activities.
In December 2002 a totally new type of Spa-Hotel Rüütli was opened, located close to Kuressaare medieval Bishopric Castle, Town Park and seaside promenade. Rüütli offers high-quality hotel and medical services, a water centre with different attractions, swimming pools and saunas - you can spend your holidays in an exciting and healthy way.


In the modern water centre perfect conditions have been created for everybody - professional athletes, amateurs, visitors of the rehabilitation centre, disabled persons and children. Special consideration has been given to the visitors with families - you can stay in family rooms, the children can have fun in the children room, during the therapy procedures the children can be left under the supervisor?s care.

Saaremaa spa-hotels offer competent and hospitable services, top-quality, new and original treatment procedures, and enjoyment from active and healthy vacation!

Viimsi Tervis SPA Hotel

Hotel Viimsi Tervis in located on the scenic Viimsi peninsular. In addition to regular hotel services we also offer possibilities to relax actively and in a healthy manner. Our clients are invited to stay at a modern hotel and use the unique possibilities of our health and free time centre.

104 spacious hotel rooms are located on seven floors, the upper floor has a magnificent view over the Tallinn Bay. We have 6 large suites for more demanding customers, the hotel also has 8 family rooms and 2 rooms for physically disabled clients. All rooms have WC, shower, hair drier, TV, radio and telephone. All rooms are allergen-free. Suites have additional comforts like a music centre, minibar, pants press and sauna or a bubble bath.

The conference hall Aqua seats up to 80 people, the seminar room Solaris seats up to 20 people. The spacious and full of light restaurant Meritäht seats up to 140 guests.


he health centre gives an opportunity to stop time for a moment and let the body be indulged by relaxing and healing procedures. We offer different water and heat procedures, instrument-aided therapy, salt chamber and many different massages. 

Pühajärve SPA Hotel

Spa Hotel located in a 14th century knight's manor house on the beautiful lakeside of Pühajärv. Pühajärve Spa Hotel, situated in the heart of Pühajärve manor park, offers a cosy and efficient hotel service to its guests, the best of up-to-date possibilities of health and conference centre.

In 2 accommodation complexes of the hotel we offer you rooms with all conveniences and suites. The stylish restaurant (with doors opening onto the summer terrace), most enjoyable pub with open grill-kitchen and bars are at your disposal.


There are 86 double rooms with all conveniences included and 12 suites in the hotel. Last seven suites are equipped with sauna and full wall-panorama window, where the unforgettable view opens to the Lake Pühajärv.

All of the rooms have up-to-date furnishings, colour TV and a phone with direct dial. Suite consists of a guestroom including the extensible daybed and commodious bedroom. Bathrooms have the floor heating. Hotel has a lift.
This is a non-smoking hotel.

There is a lobby-bar in the lobby, where in addtion to drinks fresh newspapers and necessary convenience goods are available.
Free access to WiFi available in lobby-bar and conference center. 
Hotel has also a guarded parking lot.

A middle-class hotel Pühajärve with it's cosy and comfortable atmosphere and a beautiful park offers you a pleasant time. We have taken every little detail into consideration, that includes also your wish to take your pet along.
Health Centre use in- and out-patient treatment for chronic diseases of joints, muscles and peripheral nerve system diseases, we also offer stress-therapy.
The gym is at your disposal, we also organize medical gymnastics for groups there.
In the health centre, only the highly qualified doctors and medical nurses take care of you, people, who have also been trained to work with rehabilitation. Among our employees we have also acupuncture and oriental massage specialists.
There are 2 doctor's cabinets on the ground floor of the health centre. In the socket floor you'll find jacuzzis for guests, rooms for massages and for other procedures.
We also offer differentce relaxing spa-treatments.
The beauty salon offers hairdressing and barber's services, manicure, pedicure and facial-treatments

Sõprus Health Rehabilitation Centre

Health Rehabilitation Centre is a cosy spa hotel amid the parks and avenues of the Pärnu seaside area. The beach is only 100 m away and a ten-minute walk takes you to the city centre. There is no place like Sõprus to prevent diseases, speed up recovery or just have an invigorating vacation on the seashore.We treat cardiovascular diseases, but also diseases of the joints, bones and the peripheral nervous system. Highly qualified medical staff is placed at your disposal. Our beauty parlour provides a wide range of beauty services. The romantic atmosphere of our cafe makes every meeting a memorable event. We also organise excursions and tours and provide tickets to the many plays and concerts held in Pärnu.


The Sõprus Rehabilitation Centre offers accommodation for 170 persons, located in three buildings. All rooms have a WC, shower, telephone, TV and most rooms enable Internet connection.

The Sõprus Health Rehabilitation Centre has been known for years as a health resort specialised in the rehabilitation and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The treatment mainly consists of water therapy, various forms of physical therapy (therapeutic exercise, ergometer training, dosed walking, stickwalking, walks on the beach and in the parks), massage and music therapy combined with relaxation training. An individual treatment plan is developed for each patient on the basis of the nature and stage of his or her disease and individual endurance. If necessary, additional tests can be carried out on the spot: ECG, ergometer endurance test, lab tests. Based on long-term experience we can recommend our patients suffering from ischaemic heart disease, hypertension and other chronic cardiovascular diseases to take regular treatment of at least 10-20 days in duration once a year for best results. Since 1978 Sõprus has served as a rehabilitation facility for many patients after myocardial infarction. In 23 years more than 6000 patients have spent their convalescence period after infarction or operations of the coronary arteries with us. The goal of rehabilitation treatment is to ensure an adequate quality of life to persons that have had a heart attack, by improving their cardiovascular function, increasing their physical endurance and helping with tension relieving techniques. In addition to heart diseases we also treat chronic diseases of the joints and of the peripheral nervous system, prevent their exacerbation or speed up recovery. A wide range of procedures is used for this purpose: paraffin-ozocerite treatment, various water therapies, therapeutic exercise, manual massage and many types of physical therapy. It is important that patients suffering from these diseases take regular treatment at least once a year, 2-3 weeks at a time.