They collected here the typical wooden buildings of the middle centuries. The churches, houses, and warhouses were brought here from all over the area of Novgorod and the new small town was set up.

Long ago,in 12 century, here, on the road between Novgorod and the Juriev Monastery, there was the village "Vitoslavitsy'. Early there were the Panteleimonov, the Blagovechshensky, the Arkadsky and many other small monasteries. There is no that village now and some monasteries (only the Blagovechshensky one remains). But the lake and streams - the historical landscape - remained unchanged, it was so attractive that this place was chosen for creating an outdoor museum in 1960's

All badly damaged building were brought there from all territory of the region. Today it is one of the favourite site of the Novgorod citizens and the guests of the city. Beyond the hence among the trees one can see the hipped roofs and domes of churches and bell-towers, there is another life. It is proved when you are at the village street where houses facing each other stand in strict line; in them the apartments and household rooms are combined.


At the door you will be met by a mistress in a costume typical for the Novgorod village of the last century, smiling and talkative. She will show the yard and the kitchen-garden, a hay-loft and stall for cattle and explain the aim of these objects. In the house there is the furniture collected in the expeditions, household objects, expressive little things like ferged church calendar with a splinter, painted boxes, a distaff and village "red"icon, also you can have a seat studing the simple household, think how a huge family could be placed there, look at the bed where children usually slept ,at last, try on the bast shoes and take a picture with the mistress. At the gallery near the foremen will suggest you souvenirs made of birch - bark and wood and will show how to work with the materials.

The museum "Vitoslavitsy" - is not a place for walking, having a rest and entertainment. It is the architectural and natural park where different types of saved wooden churches are collected : the hipped roof "eight on four" church of the Assumption from Kiritska (1595), the crossed on the cellar with three thrones - the church of the Vigrin's birth from the village Peredki (1531), the circle church of Nikola from the village High Island (1767) and the shed church from the village Tukholja (1688). 

There are 22 monuments on the territory of 30 hectares. According to the General plan, made there should have been 70 monuments. They will give the impression about different regions of the Novgorod region, differed from each other by natural resources, household activities, building tradition, some elements of the spiritual culture.