Viljandi, the centre of Viljandi County is located in a picturesque place on the Sakala Uplands and is known as a Hansa town and for its long cultural traditions. Population of Viljandi town is about 22,000. Lake Viljandi, ruins of the Order Castle, suspension bridge, the valleys of ancient trees and Stair Hill and cultural events in the summer, prove a nice place of recreation both for the people of Viljandi and for the visitors. 


The town and County of Viljandi are rich in unspoilt nature and centuries-long cultural traditions. Hanseatic Days have become one of the most important events in Viljandi. Trading, handicraft fairs, concerts and sports games create a unique Hanseatic atmosphere in the streets of the town. The Mulgi Fair aimed at introducing local products and enterprises is held at the same time. During the internationally acknowledged Folk Music Festival folk music is played in modern arrangement, too. The participants of Viljandi Early Music Festival are both local and international ensembles, musicians, singers, dancers and actors. The festival follows the customs and traditions of the Middle Ages.