Sangaste Castle

Romantic Sangaste Castle is similar to Windsor Castle. The castle has beautiful surrounding - park, ponds, meadows, woods. 

In 1866 the last count of Sangaste, Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg took over the manor from his father. The family then lived in an old manor house. Berg's father hadn't allowed spending money for building a new house, so only after his death did Friedrich Berg start to build a new main house. From his ideas developed while visiting the grand castles of England - Windsor and Balmoral, architect Otto Pius Hippius made projects of a new palace. 


Berg though, wanted to have a real castle and big rooms with different windows (look at the windows!) The building phase lasted from 1874 to 1881. The bricks were made in the manor, the granite was brought from Finland and wood with other materials from Germany and Riga. The new castle was similar to Windsor palace on the outside, but a variety of different styles were used inside - Gothic, Korintos, Spanish, Roman and English. 

There were 99 rooms altogether because by decree at the time, only the tsar was allowed to have more. The castle had also central air, heating and oves covered with tiles. Sangaste got a phone connection in 1896 and the castle has had electricity since 1907. The entrance under the main tower has an interesting acoustic effect - whispering in one corner can be heard in the opposite corner. Inside you will find a Gothic style dance hall, a Moresque style Spanish hall and an English style hunting hall. There are also several barns, stables, water tower, and governor's house remaining in the manor. 

Behind the castle is a park and ponds. When driving to Sangaste you can turn right, just before the village, and see the old water mill, barn and old spirit kitchen.