Discover Estonia in 15 days


Day 1

Arrival in Tallinn, meeting at the airport with our English-speaking guide. Sightseeing tour around the city: Television Building, Kadriorg, Song Grounds, St.Bridgett Convent, Pirita Port, Olympic Center, Russalka monument, embassies, Tallinn Main Post Office, walls and towers of Old Town, Baltic Railway Station, St.Charles Church, Estonian National Library, Freedom Square, Tallinn City Government, St.Johns's Church, Russian Drama Theatre, Art Hall, Dome Hill. Lunch. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 2
Excursion in Old Town: Town Hall Square, the towers "Long Hermann" and "Fat Margarete", St.Olav's and St.Nikolay's Churches. Lunch. Visiting of Tallinn Town Hall.

Day 3
Excursion in Rocca-al-Mare etnographical open-air museum. The Open Air museum presents a unique collection of old Estonian buildings on a 79-hectare expanse of seaside land. Farm buildings, windmills and water mills from various periods and regions have been brought together here. Lunch, leisure time.

Day 4
Excursion in Kadriorg Palace - Fine Arts Museum. Kadriorg Art Museum houses a valuable collection of the Foreign Art Museum. The Russian tsar Peter I built the complete baroque palace and park in the early 18th century as a present for his wife Catherine I. Lunch, leisure time.

Day 5
Leaving for Saaremaa island. Taking a ferry at 12:00-13:00. Accommodation in the hotel. Lunch. Excursion in Kuressaare Castle. The most important sight in Kuressaare is the episcopal (bishop's) castle. Among the medieval castles in the Baltic countries this is the one that has survived best. The castle was built of chieseled dolomite blocks in the late 14th century.

Day 6
Sightseeing tour around Saaremaa island. Lunch. Saaremaa is well known for the Kuressaare castle and lake Kaali, dolomite and curative mud, reed thatches and stone fences, windmills and medieval churches, junipers and coastline meadows, local bread and home - brewed beer.

Day 7
Taking a ferry at 12:00-13:00. Leaving for Haapsalu (sightseeing tour). Railway statiomn, Episcopal castle and museum, Promenade and Kurhaus, old town, old graveyard, City museum, Estonian Swedes museum, Ungru castle. Lunch. Leaving for Hiiumaa island. Taking a ferry at 17:00-19:00. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 8
Sightseeing tour around Hiiumaa island. The variety of landscape is what makes Hiiumaa a desired place to come. The landscape in one end of the island is totally different from the one in another end, varying in the beauty and diverse miniature, interlacing smoothly and making Hiiumaa the unique place to stay. Lunch. Leaving Hiiumaa. Taking ferry at 17:00-19:00. Accommodation in the hotel in Pärnu.

Day 9
Pärnu (sightseeing tour). The town of Pärnu is a seaside resort and a port, the roots of which date back to the 14th century, when Pärnu became Hanseatic town. Lunch. Leaving for Tartu. On the way visiting Viljandi town, walking in a picturesque park, watching the ruins of Medieval Fortress. Accommodation in the hotel in Tartu.

Day 10
Sightseeing tour in Tartu, the museum of history of Tartu University. Tartu is one of the oldest university towns in Europe. For centuries, the University of Tartu developed town into an internationally recognised place for the exchange of knowledge hosting researchers and students from many countries of the world. Lunch. Visiting aqua park Aura.

Day 11
Leaving Tartu for Otepää - winter center of Estonia, lunch, excursion in Otepää and its surroundings. A delightful hilly district and a total of some thirty lakes surround the winter capital of Estonia - Otepää. Here there is one of the most striking national parks as well as the main winter resort.

Day 12
Leaving for Narva and Kuremae Convent, lunch, accommodation in Narva district. The River Narva and nearby Lake Peipsi have for almost a thousand years marked the border between two different religions - originally between a Byzantine Russian Orthodox faith and Roman Catholicism, later Lutheranism. It is also a cultural boundary.

Day 13
Narva - Rakvere (fortress ruins). Lunch. Accommodation in the hotel. Rakvere is the ancient heart of the Virumaa region. The 770-year history of Rakvere is about life and death, growing and fading away, building and destruction and war and peace for many generations.

Day 14
Excursion day in Lahemaa. Lahemaa National Park is one of four such parks, inhabited for an estimated 4000 years, but also including areas untouched by human hand. Lunch. Leaving for Tallinn. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 15

Leisure time. Lunch. Departure from the airport.